Article 3: Descended into Hell

Article 3: As Christ died for us, and was buried, so also is it to be believed, that he went down into Hell. During a Sunday School class on the 39 Articles, the seminarian teaching the class said that he was surprised when he first learned that some Christian ministers emphatically state that Christ didContinue reading “Article 3: Descended into Hell”

Article 2: The Son of God

From the earliest beginnings of the church, Christian writers have recognized a close connection between Christology and soteriology. Building on St. Cyril of Alexandria’s understanding of two prosopon in one hypostatic union, Maximus the Confessor argues that for mankind to be saved from their sins, humanity and deity must reside in the incarnate God. ThisContinue reading “Article 2: The Son of God”

Article 1: The Trinity

Friday, I started a new series on the 39 Articles of Religion. It’s a concise set of articles stating the official beliefs of the Anglican church. I introduced the first part of the first article, which you can read here. Today, I will explain the last half: “And in unity of this Godhead there beContinue reading “Article 1: The Trinity”

Articles of Religion: Article 1, Part 1

Barron Von Strauss, who runs a theological FaceBook group that I admin, challenged any of the senior admins to write explanations of the Anglican 39 Articles of Religion. Being one of the least qualified to undertake the challenge and with the blessing of the primary Anglican minister in the group, I will write a briefContinue reading “Articles of Religion: Article 1, Part 1”

A Christless Review

Sometimes random conversations or some other small things like a phrase, a scent, or a picture will trigger a memory. That happened with me yesterday when speaking to an artist about children’s books. On rare occasions over the years, I had a vague memory of a book that captured me when I was a smallContinue reading “A Christless Review”

No to Gay Identity, Yes to Identity in Christ

An international controversy has blown up in the Anglican church over an ACNA Bishop’s Statement published in January. The topic of the Bishop’s Statement was regarding the use of language on sexual identity. The statement recognized the reality of our fallen nature and the effects of sin. The statement also upholds the Biblical categories ofContinue reading “No to Gay Identity, Yes to Identity in Christ”

Paradigm Shift Behind the 8th Day Sabbath

Recently, I spoke with a Messianic regarding the Sabbath. It was in this conversation in which I realized why I left Messianic Judaism seventeen years ago. That seems like a strange thing to say because surely, I knew seventeen years ago. Yes, I did, but there was a paradigmatic shift that I didn’t recognize thenContinue reading “Paradigm Shift Behind the 8th Day Sabbath”

No, Reformed Christology is not Nestorian

Normally, I don’t think it’s helpful to address the arguments of cage-stagers, preferring instead to engage with the well thought-out and well researched ideas of those who understand their positions. However, after two different cage-stage Lutherans in the span of a week called Reformed Christians Nestorians for our Christology, I decided that this is aContinue reading “No, Reformed Christology is not Nestorian”