Why Paradigms are not Relativistic

I started this blog with a series on paradigms. While I have moved on to discuss topics such as ontology, Aristotelianism, and Euthryphro’s Dilemma, I want to circle back to explain why paradigms are not relativistic. Chalmers’ Criticism A strong opposition to Kuhn is that some view his paradigms as relativistic, which, according to philosopherContinue reading “Why Paradigms are not Relativistic”

Establishing the Protestant Paradigm

Today I’m wrapping up my series on Christian paradigms by finishing out the beginning of the Protestant paradigm. Remember I’m using the framework laid out by Thomas Kuhn. I have already explained the pre-paradigmatic phase, normal Christianity, crisis, and revolution. Today I’m make the transition between the revolution created by Martin Luther and normal ChristianityContinue reading “Establishing the Protestant Paradigm”

Luther’s Revolution

For those just joining, I’m doing a blog series on Christian paradigms using the paradigm framework established by Thomas Kuhn. In an earlier post, I explained the phases in paradigms—pre-paradigmatic phase, normal, crisis, and revolution. The first blog post gives an overview of Kuhn’s paradigms as it applies to science and how I connected hisContinue reading “Luther’s Revolution”

Crisis Leading to a Revolution

In our series on Christian paradigms here and here, I have been using Kuhn’s framework in explaining how Christian doctrines developed and how our background understanding influences the way we read the Bible and other important religious texts. The last blog post gave a brief overview of the patristic era, or what would be calledContinue reading “Crisis Leading to a Revolution”

Christianity in the Pre-Paradigmatic Phase

I sometimes hear people say that they follow the early church fathers (ECF) because they were the closest to the apostles and had greater understanding of what the apostles taught. There seems to be some truth to this, but it is not as clear cut as it appears on the surface. It can be pointedContinue reading “Christianity in the Pre-Paradigmatic Phase”

Kuhn’s Paradigms

As promised, I am beginning a brief series on paradigms and how they shape our beliefs and will be ending the series explaining the Protestant paradigm. I touched on paradigms Monday. Today I will give a summary of the seminal work Thomas Kuhn did in explaining how science is conducted through paradigms and revolutions. AccordingContinue reading “Kuhn’s Paradigms”